Friday, 23 February 2018

Februarys Scavenger Photo Hunt.

Well another month has almost passed us by and hopefully spring is on  its way.  I have  had  lots going on    this  month and  also gone  down with the cold virusy  thing  that is doing the rounds.  So not  been out much to collect  photos but I have managed  the 6 and I shall  start with the first one

 This is my grandcat, she belongs  to my son  ,daughter in law and grandaughter,her name  is Misty and  she is a Rag doll cat  Almost white apart from  her ears and  nose and those gorgeous  blue eyes.We cannot go see her  so  much now as she hates dogs and Effie  hates cats so  never the twain shall  meet.   She is a lot  bigger now as  this was taken a few years ago.

2  Metal  Metallic.
Sorry it is  not  very inspirational  will  try better next month. While doing the weekly shop I spotted  these .
Even managed  to get  other  half upside  down with  what looks like a colander on his head.


Well can you see her,this was  taken  on  the afternoon  I felt better and  needed to get out of the four walls.

Well  he got  in  the picture too again,she  is just  to the left of  him.It  was lovely afternoon and  we walked down  to the beach in  this little  cove , it is named  Pirates  Cove and all our dogs have  loved this walk,and the got to be  done dip  in the sea  at the bottom.  The Chesil Beach is to the right and Portland  is in  the distance.It is there just disappeared  in the mist.Would you believe the powers that be are wanting to build a road  through  this walk, We will have no where to walk the  dogs  soon , it is so lovely to  see  them running free and  enjoying life. I must get down off my soap  box now.

4. Got two for this one ,Begins  with a J.
It was  a big ,read very BIG, birthday last week  and  my lovely man and family and  best friend  bought me  this Jewellery.

The second  one is J is  for Jug  ,well spring  is  almost here .
5 Bud.  Thought I would have a different take  on  this .
 An  emerging  bud slightly taller  than the rest.
6.My own  choice.

Effie having fun in the shallows ,had not realised she was upside  down too. I  should  have got her a bit  closer but I do not claim  to take  the best of photos.Thanks for all the comments   its great to see  what you think  of  interpretations of  the words. I am  off in a  little while to see  what you have been up to Meanwhile thanks to Kate  her  posts are always inspirational.
Heres to March.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Oh My !! How did THAT happen.

Yesterday I reached 70 ,yes you read that right, although in my head I am nowhere near as old as that. However now I am living on borrowed time  if you know what I mean by three score years and  ten,I will have to get a move on and finish some of this accumulated stash  I have.  I have been very spoilt by the stitchers I have got to be friends with over the years and family alike ,although I have known the family a long time lol.
So shall I start with what the person that means the world to me and his present to me. He has heard me twittering on about Gingher scissors and I opened  a parcel by my plate one of three,one was from Effie.
  Effie bought me the book glasses  case ,now isnt she such a clever dog.It matches my handbag and purse. The scissors will go with the redwork bits I did last year. The main present was this though .Martin bought me the bracelet the safety chain and a charm that says I love you to the moon and back. He has had an expensive few days being Valentines the day before ,12 red roses arrived in a big M&S box along with a bear called
Bertie. I feel myself very lucky to be loved by such a man.
So this is the main present.
I did  know I was having this as he had taken me to get it a couple of weeks ago. I was not expecting the others I had though, he did say the children wanted  to know what they could get and I did say well if it was not too expensive they could buy me a bead for my great big birthday. So that is what they did. 
So left to right, the white daisy was from  mother in law, the large openwork one was from a certain Miss Julie, the pink hearts were from my best friend ,I had not realised until the girls told me that I have one heart and she keeps the other,as she hasn't a bracelet and probably had not realised herself I shall keep quiet would  not want to upset her.Next to that one is Snowflake from my daughter  and husband,a pretty heart is the next one although you can only see the point of the heart ,this was from Grandaughter Ella, next to that is the dog bone with I love my dog inscribed on the bead this was from Caitlin my other grandaughter along with other bits. The dog head was from Grandson Jack and his fiancee and the next blue one was from Son Graeme and his wife Sue. 
I will finish with family before showing you the stitchy goodness.This was from my youngest grandson who made it himself last week at Martins glass grooup. He is 11 and he was so excited to give it me.He had wrapped it well too and the sellotape was really challenging, I seem  to have had a lot of sellotape moments this birthday ,you know who you are out there. Anyway Alfie gave me this. 
A cross between a sheep and a dog , I was told though it is a black faced sheep . I love it. Sam the next grandson up bought me this, he chose it himself.
Now the other bit of my present from Caitlin , she said she just HAD to.
She is a sweetie , she said she could not not get me a sheep and as she has read all my other Jojo Moyes books she asked if she could borrow it when I have read it. So now grab a cuppa and I will share with you my goodies from friends.
I have told you about Miss Julies bead and she also sent me these.
I know the exact photo to go  in there, Catherine made me a coffee cake with sheep on ,they were a bit tipsy she said but they took a photo of the cake in front of me.. So my dear friend Julie, THANKYOU.
Next a very big parcel had arrived  and marked Fragile. Lots of packing and sellotape from Sally. Mind you I was thrilled with the contents.
Not only had Sally stitched this,a design I have admired in the past but she had covered a box too. The little black bird is just so lovely ,I have a red glass bird Jack gave me a few years ago so this will sit facing that. A beautiful card too and a badge Hmmm we won't mention the badge lol.Stitching friends like Sally for so many years now are such a joy to have in my life. We stitch along virtually every week  on 3 nights a week,sometimes  on the same thing ,sometimes not but always with the same theme or designer.Thanks Sally for your friendship
2 friends I have made through Needlecraft Haven are Clare who runs it and my whacky friend Christine,this is what I received from them.
Clare has made me this bookmark,knowing my love of  reading it will come  in useful.
From Christine ,a very different,very colourful hoop .
I think this certainly lifted my spirits on reaching 70.
Thankyou both so much.

I was rather taken aback by what my friend June sent me , she wraps things  so beautifully too . I will just show you how kind  this lady is.The card was made  by her friend  its gorgeous.
I just loved everything from  my friend  along the coast. I adored that sheep  picture the colours  are  so lovely,and it is  a sheep!! My love of all  things Jane was satisfied with a copy of Mansfield Park ,I am ashamed to say that it is one I have not read so that will  be rectified.June my friend all lovely and my thanks to you.
Lastly Lainey sent me a lovely parcel tissue  paper wrapped with sheep ribbon. She knows my love of  sheep ,I think  you all do. She also has a love of sheep  along with  Sally and so she knew  exactly what I would like.Her stitching is beautiful and I was  certainly pleased  with these counting sheep.
A sheep shopping bag and a sheep scarf complete the picture. So there you have it to all my family friends  my love and thanks,for making this  69+1 year old very happy and thankful.Forgot to say all the family went  out for  a meal last evening and  they very kindly tied a 70 balloon  to the chair.
I  will be back  next week with the photohunt  . Also soon after an  update on  stitching.. I have had  one finish though ,a pincushion  to match the needlebook. Design byLizzie Kate.

Take great care  all,  have a great week  and  if you would like to leave  a comment please do I love to get them. 
Hugs Barb.xx

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Here we are in February and I have some finishes to show you.

First of all thankyou everyone who commented on my last post and the photo hunt,  I am busy trying to find things to share with you for Februarys list which will be posted toward the end of the month. As I mentioned in  the title I do have some finishes to share with you.
This was my Jane  Austen  piece ,at last finished. It is a combination of 2 designers, the picture of Jane Austen was a Sampler Girl chart  that I did a few years ago. I thought  instead of doing the ornate border  like  the top  one  I would  stitch Jane at the  bottom. It sits on  my bookshelf with my Jane  bits.I know a few of you like me are Jane  fans.
The next one is a Lizzie Kate one which I have been stitching along with Sally on our Monday Lizzie Kate night.Sally has become a dear friend over the years we have been stitching together ,we cannot meet as we  are so far away but its good to know she is stitching at the same time as me.  So this is  my finish.

As you can see there is a number on the right hand  side. Which is the needle size of the needles inside.
And the back.

On Fridays again  a  night with Sally stitching all things  sheep. I chose  this one from  the lots of sheep charts I have . Well of course I would have to have a lot of those, I have had this chart  for many years  so now at last  it is done.

It is not exactly like  the finish it called  for but I used what I had available. At the top is  the size needle again that it contains and  the back is used to attach the scissor  keep.
This was attached by a magnet so it  can be removed  to be used and also serves as  a needleminder.
So those were my finishes.  I am still progressing with the Christmas  List,  tomorrow  Sunday I  am joining  Sally for a new start, the new LHN  Series.On Monday I shall have a new LK start another small and  a different finish so we will  see how that works.
Here are my purchases for  this week , I have seen this a few times  and  decided I need to stitch it on my LK night. The one with it I would like to do for spring.
I could do the Spring one on our sheep night as yes it has a sheep.
Hmm  yet to be decided. This is my LHN new one for the series it has been very popular it seems.
So I think  that is all to show  you for stitching. I ordered some  wool that has been intriguing me for a  while. Cakes of wool , well at least  they are not fattening.
These are to knit a triangle  shawl very easy just in  garter stitch , I hope to show it you finished in  the not too different future.  I am  struggling  a bit with the circular needle,  I think  I am  old school as I like  straight needles.

Book situation  grows.
I have downloaded a few on  to  my Kindle  ,and bought 3 more. I am a fan of Ruth Ware and when I saw she had  a new  one out  well  it  just jumped in my basket somehow.
Sorry it is on  its side.The  other 2 were authors I have  not read before.
 So the bedside table  is now groaning ,need more  space!!!

I know I will have another to show  you next  time as  Elly Griffiths has a new one out on  the 8th and it is on  preorder.
I have just had  to put you aside as  Effie wanted to go for  her afternoon  walk.It has been dank and wet (again) here today, very muddy underfoot  and  as Effie  can vouch undercarriage gets  muddy too.  She is  so well settled now  and sleeps wherever she can find a space on our bed,as long  as she  is  with us she  is  happy.
None of our other dogs  have been allowed  on the furniture but she seems to take it  for granted. I will  leave you with a pic of  her a moment ago  reclining as a dog should,or so she thinks.

Take care  all,thanks  for  leaving  me a little  comment  they are read, each and  every one.
Barb x

Friday, 26 January 2018

Januarys Scavenger Photo Hunt.

Hello ladies well here we go another year another list. Only 6 words this time, but I still had a bit of problem   getting things to fit.

I  thought of getting a bunch of daffodils but then decided just to put some  yellow bits and bobs together.

2.Starts with an O.

This if you read my blog  you will have seen before. He/she  lives in our back garden .
It is very boggy underfoot down there.

3 Light.
Not much about these  grey winter  days so I took  this one .
4. Found.

A little unusual thing to find ,my brother in laws friend pulled up these in his fishing net whilst fishing in Weymouth Bay. They were given to my other half as he is an amateur archaeologist.Can you guess what they are.

They are vertebrae of dinasours.  Hmm a little different wouldn't you say.


Crochet hooks of different sizes ,for when I actually can  "do it"  I have real problems getting to grips with this craft.

6.My own choice.
Just about to start another . Hope you enjoy the first months photos , I wonder what we have in store for us next month.

A shawl I knitted for a friend.

Sunday, 21 January 2018

My Januarys post of this and that

Hello my friends,
I hope this might cheer you on a dull grey Sunday ,or that how it is in this part of the world. I have just taken Effie for a quick walk ,she does not like the road walking ,much sooner be off the lead free running in the fields. However,needs must today as other half is not feeling too good so I have told him  to take  it  easy today  he usually drives us to the fields  along by the Fleet but as  I cannot drive Effie  had to be walked locally.
I have things to tell you today that may make you smile, it sure caused some hilarity in the family. The other morning ,by the  way I do not do mornings, I was preparing breakfast . I poured my bran into a bowl, ready for fruit and yoghurt to be added. Only one thing wrong was that I was also preparing Effies  breakfast I tipped her meat into the bowl and went to make coffee. You have probably guessed what I did ,hmmm , turned round with fruit and yoghurt and noticed I had put the dogs food on top of my Al Bran. Needless to say I did not eat it, although my daughter had hysterics when I told her,and as I am  doing Slimming World she said oh well it is Protein. Then said  I should send a picture of it to the leader  and ask him how many syns for it. I did not do that.

So talking  of dogs I have just finished this Lizzie Kate design ,and  added  the names of all our dogs ,past and present to it.
Here are the photos that I have near it.
This was our very first dog ,  Bess who was given as a present to Graeme by a friend. She was a real character and really should not have lived to 18 as she had a fondness for chocolate,our neighbour used to make her hot chocolate every day and she used to trot round when she heard the knock on the door as she knew what was coming. One Christmas she ate a whole box of chocolate gingers that the husband had under  the tree, wrappers and all. We then decided we would have a golden retriever the breed  we have had since. This was  Tristan ,known as Trissie. Loved the water and  lying on the bed.
He was always up to mischief and having 2 teenagers still at home he had 2 playmates as well as Bess.When Bess died he was lonely so we got Hairy Jack,we called him Hairy as my grandson was Jack ,Martins Dad was Jack so it got a bit confusing , especially as grandson was a toddler.
Hairy Jack loved his Bonios and would trot out to the car when we came back from shopping to collect his box of Bonios. We thought we would get another as Jack was getting older,however he was only 10 when he died. Oliver was next ,and I expect some  of you will remember him. We lost him almost a year ago this month.
Last but not least is our latest addition and probably the last is our rescue Effie.
Sorry if you are not a dog person ,but I had to explain why I decided to stitch Paw Prints. They were all so special to us and had their own characters. I have had another finish ,this was going to be finished for Christmas ,I stitched  along with Sally on our sheepie Fridays.
I couldn't resist the little buttons and was so pleased with how it turned out. I am  now doing a LHN design of a needlebook  and scissor  fob of course  featuring sheep. I will show you progress next time.  Sally is  doing a Drawn Thread piece. We don't always do the  same. I have also had a finish of a UFO which has  been in  and  out more than a fiddlers elbow.  Here is  Boughs of Holly,which will be a cushion at some point, this has been my stitch on Wednesdays recently with the Parlour Ladies.
So on  Wednesdays Welcome  Spring has taken over and it is going  to be a  pretty one I think.
Stitched over one.  I then saw Hello winter and as it has a sheep on it ,well of course this arrived  earlier in the week.
On Mondays Sally and I do a Lizzie Kate design, I started Busy as a bee my needle and me last week. I have done a little but not really enough to show you. Save that for next time. Last night I got my other Christmas design out The Christmas List.
Over  one again and I am  enjoying this one. What I will do with all  these I do  not know.  I also started a Prairie Santa this week  as I usually try and get one done in the year. I have to also finish Away we ride and Jane Austens piece. I cannot remember if I showed you this last time but this has also arrived.
It was my sons 50th on the 16th, his wife took him  to London to have dinner at the Shard. It was a complete surprise to him  and  he loved  it.  They went with 2 friends of  theirs and had a wonderful time.  They came  down on Friday for a curry so we could give him his gift. Then yesterday Sue did a surprise party at home for friends and our daughter and husband went and his uncle who Graeme looks remarkably like and his wife. We were invited but as we saw them on Friday and it was really for people of their own age we thought it nicer if they did not have the wrinklies there. Yes we really are and next month I reach my allotted life span of 70 years. How did that happen ? I am hoping for at least another 70 as I have so much to do. I think if I start going backwards instead of forwards I may be able to get it done.
I think the photo hunt is due for publication next weekend so there will be another post from me.
I have a few books to show you this week . I have just had the delivery of another but not opened  it yet so will share that next time.. meanwhile here are the ones I have had since last time.
One about the Hebrides and The ladies of Ivy Cottage is a follow on from the Inn Keepers Daughter ,which I have read and thoroughly enjoyed.If any of you are fans of Miss Read it sort of reminds me of her style of writing.
I  used to like Stumpwork  a while ago  and when I saw the design on this book well fingers started itching, not sure if I could do something this complex,but I love the book.

Last another smile to finish up with. As some of you know I have arthritis in my hands and back and at times in a lot of pain. My dear other half was reading about this and thought it may help me. It has caused some merriment I can assure you.
Hmm. I do not think my udders need this. However it does seem to help my fingers,  it is very minty,  I had just rubbed some  into  my fingers and  Effie  thought she  would give me a lick, so funny her tongue literally curled. Of course daughter found it amusing ,she is wondering what is next. So  hope I  have made you smile .  Take  care  in  the coming weeks until I post again.  Thankyou for leaving me a comment and be sure this old woman does  appreciate  your visits.
Love and hugs Barb xx